The Key features of USB Charging Backpacks


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Sturdy Sructured Design


Our USB charging backpacks are designed to maintain their original shape whether they have something in them, or they’re empty. While other garden variety backpacks tend to disfigure when full, our structured designs are a product of years of industry expertise, ensuring the USB laptop backpack maintains its shape regardless of what kind of pressure it is put under.

Hidden Pockets


Discretion is a key feature in any backpack, and our USB laptop backpacks are designed with several secret compartments where you can safely place all your valuable equipment without anyone knowing what you’re carrying. Being able to travel light, and still have your valuables beyond the reach of sticky fingers gives you peace of mind, and it allows you to enjoy your trails worry-free.


These secret compartments are designed with ample space, so you can store anything from your pocket camera, phone, to your laptop.


Spacious Main Compartment


If you are a regular traveler, then you know how crucial it is to have sufficient space in all your luggage. There are certain essentials that you can not do without, which means that your primary traveling backpack should be large enough to accommodate all these items. Our USB laptop backpack have a generously large main compartment, ensuring everything fits perfectly. This prevents the need to force things in, or, more importantly, saves you the trouble of having to carry unnecessary extra luggage.


Designated Laptop Compartment


A utility backpack would not be complete without a top-class laptop compartment. Your laptop is very precious, so it needs its own space where it lies comfortably and undisturbed. Our USB laptop backpacks have a designated laptop compartment that sits separate from the rest of the pocket spaces, preventing any kind of damage from either moisture or heat.


It is quite common for people to carry laptops with other luggage, which is, however, not a good idea. Your laptop is very sensitive and vulnerable to damage. So ensure you keep it its own space.

Extra Pockets


For those of you who like to travel fully prepared, then there are some extra pockets of space in our newline USB backpacks that can be used to store any of your accessories. If you like to travel with a bottle of water, or if you want a good place to store your sunglasses to prevent them from damaging impact, our backpacks have all the necessary spaces to ensure everything is in place and protected.


If you have to carry extra luggage, then there is also a luggage strap you can loop onto your backpack, and comfortably walk around with ease. Our backpacks are a piece of manufacturing genius, offering you self sufficiency and convenience.

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