Wrinkles and How to Look for the Best Eye Cream for Fine Lines


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Automatically, when we think of aging, wrinkles, lines and sagging skin come to our minds. True, all of these are indeed associated with the aging process. Though it is a natural process, we would still prefer that our age remains as "just a number'. Researchers have found out that a lot of people do not feel as old as they really are. So why shouldn't we be given the chance to look as young as how we feel?

Probably the greatest manifestations of age, facial lines have long been women's natural enemy. They come in the forms of wrinkles or furrows.

Wrinkles and/or fine lines appear because the inner layer of our skin, the dermis, thickens and the outmost layer, the epidermis, fails to keep its natural level of water. Aside from aging, other factors that cause wrinkles to form are sun damage because it causes the skin to be less hydrated, gravity for it makes the skin droop, injury and surgery that can cause creases, acne that leaves marks and repetitive muscle movement that can keep the skin from returning to its natural form. Smoking is also a main cause for wrinkle-formation because tobacco and cigarettes have toxins that a) forms heat which directly burns the skin, b) affects the elastic fibers found in the skin, c) narrows blood supply, and d) reduces vitamin A and skin hydration.

Furrows, in contrast to wrinkles, are mainly because of muscle movement. Examples of these are crow's feet or laugh lines, worry lines on the forehead and last, frown lines.

Of course, there are plenty of ways on how we can manage and eventually remove these unattractive lines. There is, of course, cosmetic surgery where we can immediately see the results. There are also resurfacing procedures done chemically or mechanically to peel off the epidermis, smoothen the skin and even remove skin discoloration and pigmentation. Another treatment would be botulinuim toxin A or what is commonly known as botox which almost freezes muscle movement, controls the nerves in the area where it is injected and even controls sweat. The last is probably the most common, creams.

Creams are recommended for those who have low tolerance for pain and for those who have tight budgets. But then you ask yourself, "How can I buy the best eye cream for fine lines when there are so many products to choose from?" Although it is quite a challenge, you can get the best eye cream for fine lines by looking first at the ingredients. Along with fine lines, other eye mark problems must also be solved by the product you choose like puffiness and dark circles. It would also help if the product has been reviewed by experts and publications so that you can be sure of its credibility. Moreover, it is best if the product does not contain anything that can trigger allergic reactions so you must learn a lot about it and about your skin condition, as well. You can even consult a physician and see what he or she recommends! Eyelasticity is one of those considered to be the best eye cream for fine lines and has even been awarded "Best New Technology" for its patented ingredient, Eyeseryl, by the Cosmetics and Toiletries magazine.

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